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The University of St Andrews holds its Awards Ceremonies in The Younger Hall.

The Younger Hall is the venue for all graduations, and has been since the late Queen Mother opened it when she was Duchess of York in 1929. Is also the base of the University’s Music Centre.

This building houses the main concert venue in St Andrews, boasting a hall that seats up to 1,000 people. It regularly hosts performances by professional and amateur musicians, including visits by leading orchestras such as the Scottish Chamber Orchestra and the BBC Scottish Symphony Orchestra.

The DVD consists of an introduction to the University with shots of the campus and various activities.

The ceremony is filmed in its entirety, beginning with the academic procession, presentation of awards to each graduand and Honorary graduands.

It finishes with the procession out of the Hall ending at Saint Salvator’s Quadrangle.

Your DVD will be availabe for collection from the sales point just outside The Younger Hall within 10-15 minutes of the end of the ceremony.

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